JNIL owns bulk raw material mines to cater to the requirements of our integrated iron &steel plants. These mines supply the iron ore requirements, reducing dependency on third parties and resulting in cost savings. Our raw material operations are in:

  • Metabodeli Iron Ore Mines, District Kanker, Chhatisgarh (operational)
  • Manpur Iron Ore Mines, District Kabirdham, Chhatisgarh (operational)
  • Liandongari Iron Ore Mines, District Kanker, Chhatisgarh (closed)
  • Chhotedongar Iron Ore Mines, District Narayanpur, Chhatisgarh (operational)
  • Dhobitola Iron Ore Mines, District Gondla, Maharashtra (operational)

  • Manegaon Iron Ore Mines, District Gondla, Maharashtra (operational)

Product Categories:

These mining units produce various grades of high quality Iron ore and Limestone to feed the integrated Iron & Steel plants.


We provide sufficient supply of safe drinking water, toilet, rest room and washing facilities, first aid & canteen services for all our employees working in the mines.

Certifications & Approvals:

Our mines are endorsed with all the statutory certifications and approvals as mandated under various acts pertaining to operation of mines.

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