Automotive Machining & Aluminium Foundry

Established in 1989, NSSL Private Limited has achieved continuous sustainable growth in Industrial Valves and Automotive Components since its inception thanks to the constant efforts put in by dedicated technical staff.

NSSL has two operating divisions - Ferrous Valves and Automotive Machining, each equipped with two production plants for manufacturing operations under controlled guidance. The sophisticated, state-of-the-art modern workshop caters to the diverse needs of our valued customers. We have a Captive Foundry unit regulated with strict quality control measures to help us meet urgent requirements. We adorn our hat with several quality certifications acquired from organisations, including ISO, OHSAS, CE, and API.


NSSL has strong footprints in Europe with the installation of a new, state-of-art manufacturing plant (NSSL Italia S.r.l) in Rotterfeno, Italy, for manufacturing Big Size Ball valves, Plug valves & Gate, Globe & Check Valves.

We have also registered for approvals in major oil-producing countries like Kuwait, SA, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia, UAE, Iran, etc. We have been recognised as a world-class manufacturer worldwide. We have tested cryogenic valves up to 28" 300#. We have the facilities for fire-safe testing, TAT Testing as per Shell Specs, Fugitive Emission Tests, and Certification as per API 624.

  • Automotive Machining
  • Ferrous Valves

Automotive Machining

We have two dedicated shops for machining different Auto Components. The Auto Machining Division was established in 1998 with only four machines and two types of cylinder heads, namely Ford 2.9L & 4.0L. Our management set up a well-equipped modern machine shop to cater to the demands for cylinder heads in domestic and overseas markets. Our Auto Machining Unit is now one of the most modern state-of-art CNC machine shops with 34 CNC Machining centres with SPMs, Conventional Machines, and an Ultramodern inspection facility like 3D CMM & Trimos.

Features of the Auto Machining Unit:

  • Our Auto Machining unit started with machining a single type of cylinder head for Mahindra & Mahindra, which has now grown to 42 types of cylinder heads designed for petrol and diesel engines.
  • The unit also manufactures other automobile Components like VTU Housings, Clutch Housing, and Oil Pumps for the Tractor Industry. NSSL AMD is one of the leading suppliers of cylinder heads required for Scorpio Cars of Mahindra & Mahindra.
  • Our Auto Machining Division has been awarded the prestigious ISO TS-16949 Certification. The Auto Machining Division excels as a master in machining automotive precision components like Cylinder heads, Cylinder blocks, and other automotive components.
  • Our esteemed clientele includes Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, Insofar, and USCO Italy. The requirement for raw castings is taken care of by the Automotive Casting Foundry, Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited.
  • Started in 1998, the Auto Machining Division has grown up to be the nucleus of CNC machining centres (both horizontal and vertical) equipped with multi-spindle Drilling set up in line with the quality assurance standards.

Product Categories and Customer:

Plant 1

Customer Component Varieties
Tata Motors Cylinder Head 2 Types
Mahindra & Mahindra Housing 4 Types
Cylinder Head 5 Types
Escort Cylinder Head 4 Types
Simpson Cylinder Head 2 Types
ITR USCO, Italy Cylinder Head 20 Types

Plant 2

Customer Component Varieties
Tata Motors Hub 5 Types
Al. Cover 1 Type
Diff. Case / Diff Cover 1 Type each
Eicher Gear Box Housing 4 Types
American Axle Diff. Housing 2 Types
Hub 1 Type
Sonalika Axle 1 Type
Housing 2 Types


The Auto Component Division has more than 50 high-end CNC Machines, making it one of Central India's most sophisticated CNC Machine shops.

Ferrous Valves

We have two dedicated shops for the manufacturing, assembly, and testing of all types of Valves. Our shop floor facilities are modernised with world-class CNC Machines, Plasma Machine for Stelliting, MIG Welding Machines, Automatic Sub-arc Welding Machines, Automated Testing Stands, Helium Leak Test Machines, and Portable Spectrometer.

Our unit is built with the earnest efforts and dedication of our experienced technical personnel. It can manufacture Valves as large as 80 inches in pressure class up to ANSI 2500 psi in Cast Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Super Duplex Stainless Steel and various other Alloys (Monel, Hastalloy), Titanium for different applications.

Features of the Ferrous Valves Unit:

  • We design, manufacture, and supply products in par with the International Standards such as Gate Valves as per API 600/ISO -10434, ASME B 16.34 and API-603, Globe Valves as per BS-1873, ASME B 16.34, Swing Check Valves as per BS-1868, ASME B 16.34, Ball Valves as per BS-5351, ASME B 16.34 and Forged Steel Valves as per API-602, BS-5352.
  • The System and Procedures followed in the company are audited, accepted, and certified for ISO 9001:2000.
  • The Valves manufactured in the unit are deployed for use in the Core Sector projects and replacements.
  • We have a huge client base from the Government and Non-Government sectors. We market products of imports substitute nature, such as Valves for CRYO application, Valves for Sour Gas Application (NACE Standards as per MR-01-75), Valves for Hydrogen Service, Oxygen Service, Seismic Service, and CNG Service. We owe our success to the constant encouragement extended by our prestigious customers in the field of Oil, Gas, Energy, Fertilizer, Steel Sectors, Power Plants, and Nuclear Plants.
  • Our company has an in-house Cryogenic test facility since 1991 and a Fire safe test facility to carry out tests as per relevant standards.

Product Categories:

  • Gate
  • Valve
  • Globe Valves
  • Check Valve
  • Ball Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Forged Steel Valve
  • Double Block and Bleed Valve
  • Dual Plate Check Valve

Product Range:

Grade Material of Construction Size Range Class
Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A 216 Gr WCB, WCC, ASTM A 352 Gr LCB, LC1, LC2, LC3, LCC etc. 2" to 120" 150# to 2500#
Alloy Steel ASTM A 217 Gr WC1, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A, CA15, etc. 2" to 80" 150# to 2500#
Stainless Steel ASTM A 351 Gr CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CF8C, CG8M, CG3M, CN7M etc. 2" to 56" 150# to 2500#
Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A 351 Gr CD4MCu, CK3MCuN etc. 2" to 56" 150# to 2500#
Super Duplex Stainless Steel CE3MN, CD3MWCuN, CD4MCuN etc. 2" to 56" 150# to 2500#
Forged Steel A105, LF2, F316, F316L, F304, F304L,F-321, F5, F6a, F9, F11, F22, F44, F51, F91 etc 1/2" to 2" 150# to 2500#
Ni Alloys 825, 625, 718 etc. 2" to 12" 150# to 2500#


Our manufacturing plants use conventional and sophisticated CNC Machines for smooth machining and accuracy. The machines are maintained separately with the help of multi-skilled labour to extend their longevity and productivity. We have also deployed new imported CNC machines capable of handling many operations in a single setting for high productivity.

The in-house Spectrometer and Portable Positive Material Identification (PMI) machines help to verify that the right material goes through the incoming stage till the final dispatch. The in-house Calibration facility warrants proper usage of measuring equipment with up-to-date calibration of individual status code. The Valve testing facility is capable of handling more than 1000 valves all at once. The use of dual pressure gauges secures pressure status at all points. Our ferrous valve unit uses heavy-duty EOT cranes with auxiliary hooks, Jib Cranes, and other equipment for efficient material handling.


We have a dedicated R & D team to monitor and implement continuous development activities right from the valve designing stage to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Every type of valve manufactured in NSSL is validated under the supervision of the R&D Head from the Valve designing stage till it reaches the hands of the customer. The customer's feedback and the design changes are incorporated from time to time to improve the performance of the valves.

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