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JNIL is an integrated steel manufacturer, specializing in alloy steel products and steel castings molded into Flats, Rounds, RCS and Wire Rods,catering to various engineering, industrial, construction, automotive, power and railway industries.The promoters have a long track record in the castings, steel and foundry business.

Product Categories:

Our Iron & Steel Plant is engaged in the manufacture and supply of graded steels made in the form of Billets, Blooms & Slabs from Virgin Metal. It has the capacity to supply Steel in Cast, Rolled, Annealed and Bright Bar forms also as per the industry demands.We produce different steel grades including Carbon, Alloy, Spring, Leaf, Free Cutting, Cold Heading Quality and Ball Bearing Steels and Stabilizer Bars & Coils.


Our Iron & Steel Plants feature state-of-the-art facilities that produce the best quality iron and steel products in the industry.

  • Utilization of sinter and pellet plants and coke oven facilities allows adequate backward integration to feed our existing Blast Furnace.Our downstream facility includes the rolling mill capable of producing long products including alloy steel products.
  • High capacity heat treatment facilities are available that include the electrically heated annealing facility for straight length products as well as for wire rods, a muffle furnace for heavy duty samples upto 1200 degrees Centigrade and an infra-red radiation pyrometer.
  • A non-destructive testing laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including the ARL Optical Emission Spectrometer with 28 channels for soluble analysis, LECO Gas Analyzer, XRF-84 Elements Testing Equipment, Ultrasonic Testing Equipment, Microscope, LECO make Carbon & Sulphur analyzer and others.
  • The rolling mills are built with a 90T/hr capacity reheating furnace, high reversing breakdown mills, water descaling facilities, B.D. hot saw, turn over type cooling bed, online/offline straightening, bundling, marking and tying facilities.

Certifications & Approvals:

We have all the necessary system certifications and approvals, such as:

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