Defence and Security Products

The NECO Defence Systems Limited provides state of the art end-to-end complete Homeland Security solutions.

We also provide end-to-end solution support services for the warranty period and facilities management services and maintenance contract services beyond the warranty period. We are certified the ISO 9001:2015 and MSME (MH20D0042362).

Our Products & Services:

Technology Solutions for Police, Defense, PSU, Central Govt., Para Military, and Security departments of the State Govt.

System Integrator to cater to:

Distress Call Management Solutions:

  • Dial 102
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch
  • Command & Control Centre

Electronics Surveillance and Video Analytics:

  • CCTV and Analytics solutions for campus and wide network distribution
  • Secured Private Network with a Body-Worn Camera and,
  • Facial Recognition System

Law Enforcement Solutions:

  • 3D Scanner
  • Access Control for Pedestrians/Vehicles
  • Perimeter Security
  • Intellectual Frequency Jammers
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • UAV Neutralizer

Detection Products:

  • IR Fiberscope
  • Explosive Vapour Detector
  • Non-Linear Junction Detection
  • 3D Under Vehicle Scanners with ANPR
  • GPR based DSMD
  • Through Wall Radar
  • RTVS (Portable X-Ray)
  • Thermal Devices
  • Bomb Suit
  • Anti-riot Gas Mask
  • Smart City Solutions

Individual Product/Service Details

CCTV and Analytics Solution
A smart and powerful solution for high security locations. Comes with cameras, video encoders, video management hardware & software, recording servers, switches, and color monitors for centralized monitoring.

Command and Control Centre
An Integrated Command and Control Station for centralised control of advanced Security Systems.

Body-Worn Camera
An advanced Police Body Camera with real-time video streaming enabled with 3G/4G and 256-bit encryption.

Face Recognition System
The Biometric Face Recognition Technology uses the Human Face as key security feature for use in Law/Non-Law Enforcement applications.

3 D Scanner - FARO
Faro Laser Scanners help forensic science experts to preserve, analyze and reconstruct virtual reality scenarios for security planning, crimes scenes, traffic accidents, and more.

3 D Imaging Scanner - FARO
The smallest and lightest 3D imaging laser scanner in the market with an integrated spherical imaging and a thermography panorama sensor system.

Boom Barriers

  • Lifting Barrier
  • Hand Operated Barrier
  • Slewing Barrier
  • Heavy Duty Vertical Barrier
  • Gate Barrier
  • Traffic Control Barrier

Personnel Access Control

  • Three types of products:
  • RFID
  • Smart card
  • Biometrics (Iris, Palm, Thumb, Face Recognition)

Personnel Access Control with RFID
Hands-free, automatic, fast and multiple identifications via data capture

Perimeter Security
First line security system to detect intruders entering protected premises

Electric Fencing
A robust electric fencing system equipped with sensors and can be installed as standalone or on existing structures. It is tamper-resistant with minimal disturbance and can be customized according to client’s needs.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Drone
UAVs/Drones fly without human support and are remotely/directly piloted by an onboard computer.

Drone Neutralizer
A multiple frequency-band, selective jamming defense system to prevent drone intrusion in an area of 3 km radius and drive them to secure capture areas using GNSS spoofing technique.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System-3D
An automated 3D viewing Under Vehicle Scanning System that projects a dual view of the vehicle.

Automatic Number Plate Reader
Automated rapid identity verification system to check license plate numbers from stationary/moving vehicles.
An effective mass surveillance to locate stolen vehicles and identify parking-ticket scofflaws

3D Baggage X-Ray Scanner
The 3D Baggage X-Ray Scanner creates virtual 3D images of the scanned baggage.
The system is compact and ideal for checkpoints at high-security premises like Airports, Government offices, Railways, MRTS, etc.

Handheld thermal Screening
High Sensitivity, higher accuracy with comprehensive Alarm Function

Thermal Screening for Crowds
Centralized management system with CCTV with temperature screening of multiple people at the same time

Thermal Screening with Access control
Long Term Temperature screening with Access control for buildings supported by Masked face recognition

Thermal Screening with DFMD

Long Term Temperature screening with walk-through metal detector door fixed with thermographic turret camera for entrances.

Non-Linear Junction Detector
The detector searches for hidden electronic devices installed in structures or objects.
The target can be located regardless of whether radiating, hard-wired, or even turned off.

Portable X-ray/RTVS
Portable X-ray solutions include quick scanning of suspected improvised explosive devices, inspection of lost baggage in airports, and scanning of vehicles at border control.

IR Fiberscope
Fiberscope is used to observe internal cavities and hard to reach areas with a light source.
Used in Anti-terrorist equipment, and industrial/technical devices.

Bomb Suit
A heavy suit of body armor to withstand high -pressure generated by a bomb.

Anti-Riot Gas Mask
A gas mask is used to protect from inhaling air-borne pollutants and toxic gases.

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