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An authority in manufacturing, NECO makes the most diverse range of casting. Specialized in the production of large-scale Iron and Steel Castings, we cater to the needs of Automotive, Engineering, Power, Railways, Bearings, Structural and Fastener industries in India. Our products include high-quality fabricated speciality steel products.
Automotive Machining & Aluminium Foundry - Manufacturing
A pioneer in the production of Cylinder Heads in India, we deploy state-of-the-art modern manufacturing methods to cater to Oil, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Cement, Pulp, Power and Steel Sectors. more...
Foundry and Fabrication
A leading producer of fabricated steel cast and ductile iron castings and fabrications for equipment. We serve heavy engineering, material handling, crane manufacturers, and sugar crushing industries globally. more...
Defence and Security Products - System Integration & Design
A one-stop-shop in homeland security, we cater to Government bodies and civilians with defence and security-related solutions design and manufacturing.more...
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of law and preserves ethical standards. Policy and processes proactively collaborate with the community need to accomplish satisfactory results in each of the eight functional areas that we work for. Bequeath responsibility on itself and pursue opportunities to solve societal challenges through grass root participation; aiming at an ideal of benevolence and goodness.

We believe and engage ourselves in conscious business, where our CSR guidelines define business interactions and act as an antidote to greed, corruption and social irresponsibility.

  • Art and Culture
  • Community Welfare and Sports
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Health, Hygine and Sanitation
  • Rural Devlopment
  • Promoting Quality Education
  • Skill Training-youth
  • Women Empowerment

Art and Culture

Facilitates in organizing socio-cultural fest in regular intervals in preservation and promotion of local art, literature and music. Supports in staging of regional and national level festivals in the State.

Community Welfare and Sports

Dole out household materials of regular use to the needy and deprived, availability of mid-day meals to the weaker section of the society. Organize Gramin Krida Ustav to encourage and involve local youth in sporting activities.

Environmental Sustainability

We conduct regular sessions with the help of company officials and Environment Cell authorities at school in bringing awareness in energy conservation, tree plantation and garden maintenance.

Health, Hygine and Sanitation

Appreciable numbers of toilet constructed in villages and aggressive awareness program conducted in peripheral villages covering 10,000 persons. Deployed cycle rickshaw for collection of garbage from villages and its safe disposal.

Rural Devlopment

Under the above pillar, we have been providing overhead water tank in villages, bore- well , water tanker during water crisis, drinking water taps at school, bathing ghat, construction of Community center, installation of Street light etc in the nearby villages.

Promoting Quality Education

Distribute scholarship to meritorious students, conducting education trip as well as excursion for students and felicitation of teachers for their academic performance. Development of infrastructural facilities in schools and payment of honorarium to temporary teachers.

Skill Training-Youth

In collaboration with State Government, We run Skill development training in Five Skill trades for the low educated unemployed youth and generate approximately 250 jobs every year. Financial support provided to undertake ITI training to the rural and deprived students.

Women Empowerment

Regular training classes in tailoring imparted to the womenfolk of the villages. Provided ten numbers of e- rickshaw to rural women as a part of employment generation through self-engagement.

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